Leo Hohmann's STEALTH INVASION Banned By Amazon (ALIEN NATION Still Available)
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Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft has a report on Amazon’s decision to ban Leo Hohmann’s book Stealth Invasion, which we reviewed above.

Hohmann himself notes that the book is still available at BarnesAndNoble.com.

Hohmann says

Stealth Invasion was a five-star reviewed book on Amazon with a total of more than 135 reviews. Of all those certified readers who took the time to review the book, there were only three who did not give it the highest rating of five stars, something that’s difficult to achieve.

When contacted and asked what was going on, here is what Amazon told my publisher about my book, Stealth Invasion.

Thanks for your continued patience while we looked into this further.

Our content Review team re-reviewed the title “Stealth Invasion” and determined that it includes content against our Content Guidelines. The primary purpose is to paint Muslim immigration to the US and Europe as treacherous, violent and as a weapon used by the Muslim Brotherhood to change the US from inside.

For this reason, the team is upholding their decision.

Thank you,

Your feedback helps us improve our service.

[Leo Hohmann: Amazon Just Banned My Book, Stealth Invasion by Jim Hoft, March 21, 2023]

Of course, Amazon employees aren’t qualified to know whether or not it’s true that Muslim immigration to the US is ”treacherous, violent” or intended ”the Muslim Brotherhood to change the US from inside” or not.

However, the view is that it is mainstream among Muslim and Muslim Brotherhood types.

Daniel Pipes wrote in November 2001 that

[T]he ambition to take over the United States is hardly a new one. The first missionaries for militant Islam, or Islamism, who arrived here from abroad in the 1920’s, unblushingly declared, ”Our plan is, we are going to conquer America.” The audacity of such statements hardly went unnoticed at the time, including by Christians who cherished their own missionizing hopes. As a 1922 newspaper commentary put it:

To the millions of American Christians who have so long looked eagerly forward to the time the cross shall be supreme in every land and the people of the whole world shall have become the followers of Christ, the plan to win this continent to the path of the ”infidel Turk” will seem a thing unbelievable. But there is no doubt about its being pressed with all the fanatical zeal for which the Mohammedans are noted.

But it is in recent decades, as the Muslim population in the country has increased significantly in size, social standing, and influence, and as Islamism has made its presence widely felt on the international scene, that this ”fanatical zeal” has truly come into its own.

The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America [and Its Dreams of Domination], Commentary, November 2001

This is also the theme of Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America, still available (for now) on Amazon.

But Amazon isn’t banning Stealth Invasion because it’s not true—as I say, they’re not qualified to determine that. They’re banning it because they think it’s offensive to Muslims, which is one way that Muslim immigration has already changed the US from inside.

I checked: Alien Nation is still available on Kindle, and if you buy it now, it can be expected stay in your Kindle library even if it’s cancelled later.

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