Leftists Say THEY Need Anti-Bias Training
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The more concerned you are about racism, the more racist you are. The first step to combating racism is admitting it’s a problem:

It’s a twist on the aphorism about wisdom and knowledge–the more you know, the more aware you become of how much you don’t know. For every internal demon of racism you slay, two more are discovered dwelling inside of you.

To claim you’re not racist is like a Christian claiming not to have a fallen nature on account of Adam’s original sin. It means you’re the most sinful of all. To atone for your non-stop sinning, you must focus obsessively on discovering additional sins you’ve committed, atone for those, and then find more.

Despite what its critics contend, Wokeism is a universal religion. Everyone–black or white, male or female–is racist. The ruler of this world rules over all of it. Everyone needs salvation, and anti-bias training is a good place to start.

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