Leftist Violence against Trump Supporters Is Noted
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Since the Trump election, there has been a series of physical attacks by leftist mobs against conservatives with no condemnation from Democrat leaders or much discussion anywhere in the media. In fact, quite the opposite: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) continues her shrill admonitions to assault Trump supporters wherever they can be found, from restaurants to homes.

New York Post opinion writer Karol Markowicz wants to end that silence, and she appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to discuss, following her earlier op-ed.

One bit of good news on the one-way violence is that the Trump supporters who got no protection from the San Jose police as they were being pelted with eggs and beaten up can now sue the department.

Members of Congress are certainly on the front lines for incoming violent terrorism, but regular citizens are also victims of the liberal mob.

Below, an older man with a MAGA hat was pepper-sprayed by masked antifa thugs in Berkeley as police refused to intervene.

Here’s Markowicz’ opinion piece questioning leftist violence and providing an incomplete list of victims:

When will Democrats condemn the left’s growing turn to violence?, By Karol Markowicz, New York Post, July 29, 2018

Last week, a man was indicted for threatening to kill Republican Rep. Diane Black. “They were serious enough threats that the grand jury did take action,” Black said in an interview with Fox News.

It’s been barely a year since the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise during congressional baseball practice, and the story of the threats to Black was barely a blip in our news.

The shooting last June should have been a wake-up call for our political discourse, but we’ve only been on a further slide since then.

This month, Black’s fellow GOP congressman Jason Lewis says his daughters were threatened. A man threatened to chop up Sen. Rand Paul’s family with an ax.

Another was arrested outside the campaign office of Rep. Lee Zeldin for threatening to kill supporters of President Trump. And the Nebraska GOP office had bricks thrown through its windows and graffiti painted on its wall.

Last week, a guy was beaten up in Oakland after a crowd thought he was a member of the Proud Boys, a right-wing pro-Trump men’s rights group.

In September, I wrote about the perils of Nazi-punching, and how the online glee about a white supremacist being punched was misplaced and dangerous. One of my concerns was that the violence being cheered wouldn’t end with Nazis. It didn’t.

A telling incident took place this month when a group of Proud Boys wearing MAGA hats got into a fight at an LA bar. This LA Times quote from Josh Androsky, who led the fight against the Boys, is a stunner: “The Proud Boys say they’re not Nazis, and duh, they’re not from 1945, they’re not 100 years old. But in America, there’s a fun little thing, which is a catch-all term for right-wing racist hate groups, and it’s Nazi.”

He added: “The First Amendment protects the right to peaceably assemble. There’s no such thing as a peaceable assembly of Nazis. Just by virtue of their ideology, they are causing harm.”

Absurd. Even actual 100-year-old Nazis are protected by the First Amendment. Where are the prominent liberals to tell their supporters that, no, they can’t actually punch anyone they disagree with?

Before the election, there was a lot of concern that Donald Trump would lose and his supporters would take to the streets. Quartz magazine quoted Trump supporters who threatened “revolution” if he lost. An LA Times op-ed by Doyle McManus found Trump fans saying there’d be a “civil war.”

Since the election, there have been similar pieces about what Trump supporters would do if he were to get impeached or if he lost in 2020.

But there’s been very little exploration of the continuing violent outbursts by people unhappy that Donald Trump is president. The inevitable march from confronting cabinet members in restaurants to confronting ordinary supporters of the president continues apace.

Where is the Democratic leadership? What would their response be if the party ID were reversed? And why isn’t the media hounding them for answers?


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