LeBron "Hate Incident" "Investigation" Has Gone Nowhere in 6 Months
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Here’s a follow-up on a nationally publicized Hate Incident, which is of interest as we think about how to calculate what percentage of these wind up proven, what percent are proven hoaxes, and what percentage remain indeterminate. From Outkick the Coverage:

Los Angeles Police Have No Info Six Months After Alleged LeBron Racist Graffiti

Posted on November 9, 2017 by Clay Travis – OKTC

Six months ago LeBron James reported racist graffiti had been spraypainted on the gate of his $21 million dollar Los Angeles mansion. The sports media immediately fell all over themselves to pronounce LeBron a heroic victim and cast the blame upon a presumed racist white person.

… I thought it made sense to reach back out to the Los Angeles Police department and find out the latest on the LeBron James racist graffiti investigation.

And the Los Angeles Police department email update to me was pretty eye opening:

“Good afternoon and thank you for your inquiry. We have heard no further with regards to that incident since it happened back in May of this year. I know detectives were investigating, but no further was provided to us. Usually with something high profile or newsworthy, we are provided follow up information to give out to the media when it’s available. Check back with us.”

So, after half a year in a case with lots and lots of surveillance cameras in the rich neighborhood, this remains very much in the Unproven category.

I believe LeBron himself was in a different city at the time preparing for the NBA finals. My hypothesis would be that it was done by somebody very interested in basketball who did it to either distract LeBron from the playoffs or get him motivated (perhaps an insider in LeBron’s entourage). But it’s also possible that it was neighborhood rich kids on drugs, or distant poor kids on drugs.

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