Leah Durant And DC March For Jobs—Black Americans Not Happy That Obama Is Giving Away All Their Jobs To Foreigners
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The DC March For Jobs is taking place on Monday.It's being run by Leah Durant and the Black American Leadership Alliance & Other Concerned American Citizens.

Their concern is what Amnesty will do to black Americans, since while the Obama Administration has provided jobs for some Americans in positions like Head Of The Justice Department, out in the larger community, all their jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants, and Amnesty will make this much worse.

Peter Brimelow wrote about this in Alien Nation, and in a 1996 article:

IT was the audience I had hoped to face since I began the stormy publicity tour for my book Alien Nation: Common Sense about America's Immigration Disaster: a roomful of liberals, gathered by the courageous Clarence Wood  of the Chicago Human Relations Council, for a serious discussion of the impact of immigration on native-born blacks.

The audience, it turned out, had come only to denounce Peter for his

subjective, i.e., racist, motivations for raising this improper topic. After the usual brutal exchanges, they stomped off into the morning sunshine, raving and making signs against the evil eye. We sold only one book, to a stray Arab-American who had somehow wandered in.

Except for Clarence Wood, his daughter, and his assistant, the entire roomful of Brimelow-denouncing liberals was white.

Here's Leah Durant on O'Reilly:

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