Le Pen Opponent Macron Says "France Is Not A Fixed Identity"
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I get Marine Le Pen campaign updates in my e-mail. A revealing one popped up yesterday. The subject line was “Docteur Macron et Mister Système,” which should need no translation for VDARE.com readers.

It was the debut of a new Le Pen campaign website, https://levraimacron.net/ (“The Real Macron”). The highlight is an amusing animated clip with a nerdy voice asking Emmanuel Macron a simple question, with actual Macron soundbites as his replies:

Q: Monsieur Macron, what is France, for you?

A1: France is not a fixed identity!

A2: There is no such thing as a French culture!

A3: French art? I’ve never seen it!

To which the questioner replies:
Thank you, Monsieur Macron! We understand your project much better.

If you like, someone can show you what France is—

Cut to a stirring rendition of La Marseillaise, over a sequence of photos of Marine Le Pen in unmistakably French locales—and, significantly, before a most traditional looking Catholic altar.

The clip closes with Macron shouting “because that is our project!” over discordant martial music.

Pretty effective guerrilla theater of the Right—in just 45 seconds.

Marine Le Pen is sharpening her attack, and concentrating her fire on Emmanuel Macron—clearly she’s more convinced than ever that it will be her and the former Rothschild banker in the second round, and she wants to convince the electorate that Macron is an establishment candidate of the globalist Left—as indeed he is—rather than the moderate centrist political ingenu he pretends to be.

Levraimacron.net promises there will be more to come!



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