Lawyer: Illegal Alien Only Committed Identity Theft In Order To...Steal An American Job.
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Penny Starr writes in Breitbart about:

" illegal alien who was prosecuted for identity theft for using a stolen Social Security number to obtain a job."

"The illegal alien’s attorney argued that Ramiro Garcia in the Kansas v. Ramiro Garcia case should be immune from prosecution because U.S. laws put in place by Congress makes it impossible otherwise for them to find employment."

So is this a new legal principle—if a law stops you from doing something, then it is okay to break another law to assist you in breaking the first one? This is like something from Alice in Wonderland: it is illegal for an illegal alien to work in this country, but it is okay for him to commit identity theft in order to illegally work. Huh?

You would think this should be a slam dunk in the Supreme Court, but incredibly, it may not be.

Sotomayor, Ginsberg, (and Kavanaugh!) all argued that the state of Kansas could not use the withholding and I-9 forms to prosecute the illegal so the illegal may very well get away with his crimes. I guess sanctuary cities and states aren't  enough—this might just become a sanctuary country. The answer when the Supreme Court rules next summer.

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