Lavar Ball's Tortured But Ultimately Vindicated Understanding of Genetics
April 08, 2017, 08:06 AM
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Lavar Ball, the loudmouthed father of UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball, has just made the claim that UCLA lost the championship because of slow-footed white players.[LaVar Ball: 'Slow white guys' kept UCLA from winning title, Lonzo played hurt in loss, Sports Illustrated, April 7, 2017]

Which is perplexing, since the elder Ball boasted of selecting his apparently white wife Tina for the expressed purpose of breeding basketball stars.

She was also a basketball player, and tall. Combine her genes with his, and you'll crank out "three killers" on the basketball court. And so they have.

But one wonders why, if he was looking to maximize the breeding, he didn't select a black female basketball player. Because they are sometimes less attractive than white women, and simply undesirable for him personally? Or because he suspected white women were slightly smarter, and would thus combine for a more strategic athlete?

Because he's obviously right that white guys are slower of feet. So Tina was an interesting choice. He himself seems pretty light-skinned, and his three sons look practically albino, although African-American hair and features did come through.

As somebody who's so outspokenly tuned into racial differences in ability and athlete eugenics, you'd think he'd be shouted down the next time he tried to speak at Middlebury College. But I doubt it.

For that, he would have to observe that in addition to white players slowing down UCLA, black males in general slow down America with lower IQ's and higher rates of criminality.