Latin Pop Stars Love "América"
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On April 4th, a group of Latin American pop stars gathered in Miami, Florida (called "the Capital of Latin America") to promote an Interamerican Development Bank development program called "Yo Amo Am?©rica". [Ellos Aman a Am?©rica, el Siglo de Torreon, April 5th, 2008] As I've explained before there is a difference between what Americans call "America" and what Spanish-speakers call Am?©rica . They use the latter to refer to the entire Western Hemisphere. As for the "Yo Amo Am?©rica". event, an article in the Mexican media pointed out that, among the assembled pop stars, none was Mexican. Nevertheless, Colombian rock star Juanes was in Miami. In an earlier blog entry I reported on Juanes' promotion of the Hispanic vote in the U.S.A.
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