Foreign Students Staying Longer In America—While "Learning To Grind With American Girls"
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You might be surprised to find out that the H-1B system can be expanded by a bureaucratic decree—and no politician will be held accountable. It can be done with a simple edict by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

In this scenario the number of foreign students who graduate from US universities that can stay in the U.S. until they find jobs will dramatically increase. Congress will sit on their thumbs in order to evade responsibility. This can happen because the Department of Homeland Security is proposing to change a regulation that would allow the Optional Practical Training program to increase from 12 months to 29 months. This is a de-facto expansion of the H-1B visa program because it allows students to work in the U.S. for more than twice as many months until they get an H-1B visa. In air traffic terminology, the foreign students are put on a holding pattern until they get an H-1B visas.[Homeland Agency May Expand High-Skill Foreign Student Stay, by Mark Schoeff Jr., April 4, 2008]

So just why do the "best and brightest" minds in the world need more time to find jobs? Shouldn't they be able to find jobs way before graduation if they were as smart as the promoters of this regulatory change claim? The answer of course is that they are the cheapest minds in the global marketplace, not the best or brightest.

The OPT expansion is a stab in the back to all American students who are toiling to get their engineering or science degrees, but of course most young students are too clueless to understand what is going on, so don't expect their brainwashed minds to ever comprehend how their future careers are being undermined. They will probably wonder why they can't seem to get internships, but they will be unlikely to figure out that they are being swept aside for foreign students on OPT work authorizations.

In case you are wondering what these foreign students will do with their extra time, read this article in the Daily Princetonian called Learning to grind with American girls.[By Zoe Buck, March 27th, 2008]

Guess who gave a Congressional testimony that called for this increase in the OPT time period? None other than Bill Gates!

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