Las Vegas And Hoover Dam
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My wife Lilia and I recently returned from Las Vegas, where I was invited by the Secured Borders USA organization to speak to their monthly townhall meeting.

Many thanks to Secured Borders's director Lawrence Pappas, who brought us there, provided our lodging, and gave us a great tour of Vegas.

I spoke at the Secured Borders meeting on February 14th and on the "Know Your Rights" talk show on February 15th.

Lawrence Pappas also took us out to see the Hoover Dam, on the Nevada-Arizona border.

There I learned the story of this technological marvel built by American labor during the Great Depression. The guide told us that most of the workers were paid 50 cents an hour, twice the going rate of 25 cents per hour for those who had jobs at this time.

Another thing I learned was that being an American citizen was a requirement for working on the construction of Hoover Dam. Certainly, had they so desired, the Bureau of Reclamation and Six Companies Inc, (the private company contracted to build the dam) could have found and imported "willing workers" from other countries, who would have worked for less. But they were too patriotic for that!

What a contrast with today's America, in which a broad spectrum of leaders, from "conservative" George W. Bush to our "conservative" captains of industry are all too willing, even eager, to replace American workers with foreign labor. Sigh.

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