Larry Kudlow Predicts MASSIVE Trump Win Over Sanders
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Larry Kudlow gets of a lot of bad press here for thinking the wrong things about immigration (see A Talk Radio Listener Reports Larry Kudlow Saying Republicans Should NOT Run On Immigration—No Matter How Much The Voters Want It) but here's something more cheerful he's said:
In a surprising moment on Tuesday's Power Lunch on CNBC, Larry Kudlow predicted that Senator Bernie Sanders will stun the experts and defeat former Secretary State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

"Then I think Donald Trump will defeat Sanders in 49 out of 50 states in the general election," he added.

Kudlow: It will be Trump vs. Sanders, by Jake Novak,, January 19, 2016

Here he is saying it on video:

However, Kudlow may be wrong about the 49 states—see Why The Right Should Fear Bernie Sanders.

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