A Talk Radio Listener Reports Larry Kudlow Saying Republicans Should NOT Run On Immigration—No Matter How Much The Voters Want It
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Scott Brown Using Immigration To Attack Shaheen In New Hampshire

From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

At the end of the show Saturday [August 23, 2014] , Larry Kudlow asked his panel (all the regular participants) what had propelled Scott Brown into a virtual tie in New Hampshire. [Podcast: Select August 23—or download MP3—after the 110 minute mark.]

John McIntyre answered that people are just fed up with Obama. Stephen Moore (formerly at Cato, now at Heritage) jumped in to say that this was a nationwide trend and that Foley could win in Connecticut because of anger at Washington and at the state capitals.

Even Kudlow couldn't let the discussion end without mentioning immigration. He said that the New Hampshire poll reported that as soon as Brown started talking about immigration, his numbers went up. He asked the panel: will immigration be the number one issue nationwide?

McIntyre answered: I don't think so. It's Obama. James Pethokoukis, who had been silent, jumped in to say that polling just out found that immigration is the number 2 issue.

Both Moore and Kudlow took issue with him and said that Republicans should not run on immigration. Pethokoukis said there was great concern about border security. Kudlow said if you build a fence, they just climb over it.

Moore said we have to do border control with a system that lets the people we need into the country. I don't recall Moore ever identifying any aliens or immigrants that "we" don't need.

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