Language And IQ: Wright Or Wrong?
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Via Instapundit, I see that this part of Reverend Wright's latest speech to the NAACP, in which he attempts to explain the test gap, IQ gap, and black English, is causing some negative comment from the people who usually negatively comment about us.

Here are some blogospheric comments:

Instapundit: "OKAY, I THINK THAT JEREMIAH WRIGHT MUST BE TRYING TO SABOTAGE OBAMA'S CANDIDACY: How else to explain yammering on about black brains vs. white brains. Echoing The Bell Curve?"

American Thinker: ""Different is not deficient," is the theme of this speech by Obama mentor Wright. That and a crash course in black eugenics and phrenology that would make a fascist blush."

Just One Minute: " Hmm - I would have guessed that clapping on the downbeat was a social construct, but I am not as well educated as Jeremiah Wright. That said, I am trying to imagine the reaction if a white figure announced that black brains were different."

Hey, I don't have to imagine the reaction—I've seen it. There are several professors who could give you details on the reaction from first-hand experience.

One thing he does here is mimic, badly, both British accents and John F. Kennedy's Bostonian accent to explain how there are different kinds of English, or American. Then he claims that it's only black people whose language is objected to, which is nonsense. In the course of this speech, he refers to the ancient Hebrews learning to "repeat incredulously long passages like Psalm 119."[Transcript of Full Speech] He means "incredibly."

This is such a basic error of diction that it reminds me of this Ann Coulter quote

B. Hussein Obama said he was for slavery reparations in many forms, but the only one that got applause was for more ”investment” in schools. In Obama’s defense, the precise question was: ”But is African-Americans ever going to get reparations for slavery?” So a switch to the subject of education was only natural.[WorldNetDaily: Did I miss the 'hip' part?August 1, 2007]
But the bloggers above seem shocked at the idea that Reverend Wright believes that there's a difference between races. In fact, I think they may be more shocked by the thought of someone saying that Charles Murray was right, than they are by the Reverend's previous pronouncements in favor of al Qaeda and Hirohito.

Of course, what he's saying something different. What he's saying is that if blacks fail standardized tests at a higher rate than whites, it's the test's fault. And he's wrong.

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