Lady Ghostbusters
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The trailer for the upcoming remake of the 1984 comedy Ghostbusters with four female leads has not been greeted with enthusiasm.

badteacherI want to point out, however, that there’s already been a successful $100,000,000 box office quasi-remake of Ghostbusters‘ top banana character, Bill Murray’s Dr. Peter Venkman, in 2011′s Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz. As I wrote in Taki’s five years ago:

Eisenberg and Stupnitsky (The Office) also wrote the screenplay for the still unmade Ghostbusters III. Presumably, Bad Teacher is their female version of Bill Murray’s Dr. Peter Venkman: a lazy, fraudulent educator who is, somehow, also a natural leader of men. Diaz can’t quite pull that off, but I don’t know if any actress could.
Bad Teacher may have been the first post-Obama movie, a scalding reaction to the sanctimoniousness that propelled Obama to the White House, somewhat as Ghostbusters seemed a distinctly Reaganesque morning-in-America movie.
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