La Raza Conference: "If The American People Find Out That This Bill Is About Giving Health Care To Non-Citizens, They Will Rise Up Against It."
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This is from Doug Ross @ Journal, quoting a woman named "Suzanne" who was on Mark Levin's show
I want to tell you that last week I attended a conference on health care reform sponsored by La Raza. And I will tell you that what they had to say, Mark, is scarier than anything that's been said so far on the health care plan.

The kind of comments that were made and the notes that I took... they started the conference out by saying "America does not need health care reform, but Latino immigrants need health care reform."

And someone from Menendez' office [Ed.: Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ] promised that he would make sure that "the useless barriers of citizenship would not be in this bill" and that he would make sure that they would use keywords like "streamline"...

It was La Raza, the Childrens Defense Fund and Senator Menendez from New Jersey, a representative from his office...

...Yes [they said they would get free health care for illegal aliens], these are my notes, Mark. They actually got up and said "Latino children need health care more than whites". And then they would say things like "you must go out into your communities, use words like 'streamline', use phrases like 'all workers' and 'all families'," because they said — and I quote — "If the American people find out that this bill is about giving health care to non-citizens, they will rise up against it."

...One of the quotes they said was, "We want to make sure we take care of barriers like verification, but we can streamline programs to the more affluent" and, quote, "Useless treatments for the elderly can be gone because we don't need to spend money for people who are going to die anyway."[More]

That's going to be a popular idea—we need to let elderly Americans die so we can spend money on illegal immigrants. If any of you are wondering if it's possible Suzanne is making this up, and no one could have possibly said anything so frank and unguarded at a a La Raza conference, then you need to read CCIR's Greatest Hits: The Reconquista Rant Audio Clips, and listen to the audio clips. It's amazing what people will say when they know the MSM won't hold it against them.
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