Kristol Scores Trump For Having Associated With Bill Clinton, Rapist, But Kristol Is Trying To Put Clinton BACK In The White House
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Now that Trump has gone on television to say that Bill Clinton may have raped Juanita Broaddrick, which is quite likely, and something no other Republican candidate would be willing to say, here's Bill Kristol's response:

Here's one response on Twitter:

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The headline on that NewsMax is Bill Kristol: I Would Rather See Hillary Win Than Trump.

Anyhow, for those of us with long memories, here's a typical story from The Weekly Standard in the 90s.


Mar 15, 1999

Buried in last Thursday's Washington Post, in a story on how the president and virtually everyone else in Washington are "Looking Past Scandal, Focusing on Future," were these extraordinary paragraphs:

Asked about Juanita Broaddrick's recent allegations that Clinton assaulted her 21 years ago in an Arkansas hotel room, [Donna] Shalala said she has reached no conclusion about whether she believes Broaddrick or the terse denial issued by Clinton's lawyer — and said she doesn't need to in order to do her job.

"I take all of this very seriously," Shalala said of Broaddrick's allegations, adding that "I do not compartmentalize" by making separate judgments about personal conduct and public performance. At the same time, Shalala said, "I'm both a patriot and a professional; I serve the nation and the president."

This conviction, she said, allows her to pursue what she considers important issues on Clinton's behalf without knowing for sure what to believe about his past.

So: A cabinet secretary is agnostic as to whether or not the president she works for is a rapist. At least Donna Shalala has the courage to admit her uncertainty. No other Clinton administration official with whom the Post spoke was willing to be quoted on the record about the Broaddrick allegation. One unnamed aide did admit, "I think you have to be troubled by it; she seems very credible."

And so she does. Mrs. Broaddrick seems credible to administration officials; she seems credible to most of the political and media elite; she seems credible to much of the country. But everyone seems willing to drift through the next two years remaining unsure over whether our president is a rapist — and not particularly eager to find out the truth. [More]

The author of that piece? William Kristol, a man who as recently as January was insisting that you could be anti-Hillary and anti-Trump.
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