Invaders Brag Germans Are Nothing. German Government Agrees.
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There's a video going around of a Middle Eastern young man beating and bullying a young German male. After punching and slapping him, the invader boasts, "You're German, you're nothing," and talks about how a German could not possibly have "honor." He then tells him that if he is instructed to bark like a dog, he will have to bark like a dog.

The German government, led by the psychopath Angela Merkel, agrees with this thug. The German government has now banned 18 of 24 verses of an insulting poem mocking the evil Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The court said the decision was necessary to balance the right to artistic freedom and the personal rights of Turkey’s leader, but added that its ruling could be appealed.

Violating the decision could result in a fine of up to 250,000 euros ($282,000) or administrative detention of up to six months, Germany’s Spiegel Online reported.

Erdogan’s lawyer said he was content with the ruling, RIA Novosti reported, while the comedian’s defender stressed that the poem must be considered as a whole, claiming its verses had been taken out of context.

The poem, which was recited on German television by comedian Jan Boehmermann in late March, has become a bone of contention for Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as European audiences and the media.

After Erdogan demanded that German authorities press charges against the comedian for allegedly insulting him as Turkish President, Merkel allowed her prosecutors to pursue the case against Boehmermann.

[18 forbidden verses: German court bans most of Erdogan-mocking poem, Russia Today, May 17, 2016]

It should be noted Jan Boehmermann is not exactly a German patriot. He has that childish, cucked, feminine phenotype we see among so many leftist television personalities. His politics are exactly what you would expect. Shortly before this controversy, he produced a video mocking Germans who were opposed to admitting massive numbers of Islamic refugees. The point of his sketch was to deconstruct German identity itself, defining modern Germany as "proud of not being proud," sneering at the country's past, and lampooning nationalists and (oddly) supporters of Donald Trump. Ironically subtitled "Germans on the rise," the point of the video was to laugh at the idea that Germans could ever rise.

All very hip and postmodern. But why should Turks go along with this? Nature abhors a vacuum and self-loathing, leftist, universalist values aren't sustainable. They just provide an opening for something stronger. Now, Boehmermann is learning that his "freedom of speech" is less important than the feelings of Turks. And it's hard to feel sorry for him as Boehmermann and everyone like him has been laughing for years as German nationalists were arrested and imprisoned for nothing worse than speech and writing [Police raid apartments over 'right-wing' social media postsby Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, April 7, 2016] He warred against all the people who would be willing to defend him; there's no one left.

And this has a trickle down effect. You may be wondering why that young German male in the earlier video did not fight back. Well, his entire life his been told by his government, his schools, and his culture that he's part of a racist, evil people who bear a crushing burden of guilt they most spend the rest of their lives atoning for. Why would he fight back? In his mind, he deserves it.

But say he did punch back. Assuming he wasn't instantly swarmed by a huge Arab gang, is there any doubt the German government would arrest him? His house might be raided by police if he talked about the fight on social networking. Antifa might attack his family if he tried to politically organize against the destruction of his country. Even more than in America, the point of the state isn't to protect you, it's to ensure that you are not allowed to protect yourself.

The German government is trying to create an entire nation of Men Without Chests, men without pride, dignity, or honor. And the future won't be some leftist, egalitarian utopia, but the German people being replaced by foreigners who aren't foolish enough to fall for this universalist tripe.

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