Kris Kobach Reminds Americans That DACA Aliens Harm Young Citizens
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Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and is theft at best (and murder at worst): illegals come to steal jobs, education and welfare benefits from American citizens and taxpayers. The latest foreign moochers in the public eye are the DACA illegals, nearly a million foreigners (79 percent from Mexico) who are the latest poster “kids” — mostly young adults, actually — to be embraced by the open-borders Democrats.

As we know, the party is not motivated by generosity toward misplaced foreigners, but by the desire to turn all of America permanently Democrat as excessive immigration has done to once dependably Republican California.

The pro-alien press demands that Trump lighten up on DACAs who were brought by their parents “through no fault of their own” in a cheesy little mantra that we hear constantly. In fact, although many were brought by parents, they are adults now and cannot be allowed to continue ripping off Americans. The press has presented the DACAs as models of virtue, but the truth is they are not superior to citizens. The DACAs are consistently portrayed as academically high achieving valedictorians, but a stunning 21 percent of the group are high school dropouts, more than three times the national dropout rate of 5.9 percent.

DACAs can be rather insufferable, such as when a gaggle of them mobbed Hart Senate Office Building last November to demand mass amnesty.

So it’s a pleasant change to hear someone stand up for American young people who are directly harmed by the DACA illegal aliens competing for jobs and college, namely the Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. He appeared with Tucker Carlson recently and pointed out these facts:

KRIS KOBACH: Look Tucker, you’ve pointed out that the DACA amnesty is bad for Americans: it’s granting an amnesty to nearly a million people in their 20s and 30s; their average age is 24, who are gonna compete against young Americans who have a nine percent unemployment rate in that age group, and for the young Americans who don’t have a college degree. it’s a whopping 34 percent underemployment rate. So we’re legalizing foreign nationals who have broken our laws to compete against Americans who can’t get a job, so that’s bad policy.

In addition, it’s gonna cause another surge in the illegal immigration, so the idea that we have to do this is ludicrous and we should only even consider doing this if there are many many law enforcement advantages that are given to it, like ending chain migration, I think we have to have mandatory e-verify, and if we don’t get everything we want to secure our borders including the wall, then we walk away from the deal. We don’t need to do DACA.

TUCKER CARLSON: And not only do it, but put it right to the very top of the list of priorities of the US Congress — before everything, before the opioid crisis — it’s literally shortening the life expectancy of middle America — we need to do this. I feel sorry for some of the DACA recipients for sure, I’m not attacking them but it’s not clear why if you have any questions about it, you should take a moral lecture from a Republican senator who suggests that you’re the cynical heartless one when you raise questions about the effect on American citizens. How do we get to a place where Republican senators are lecturing us about how they’re far better people than we are because they’re for amnesty? How’d that happen exactly?

Good question, Tucker!
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