Kris Kobach On CNN—Deport DREAMers With Their Families!
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If you haven’t already seen it, watch and listen to a short but sweet CNN interview with Kris Kobach. It’s just a shame that this guy is not on Trump’s cabinet, in charge of the Homeland Security department.

It’s quite brief, but Kobach responds well and goes for the jugular.

Kobach discusses Trump’s enigmatic “revisit the issue” statement, and I hope he’s right about it.

Kobach brings up the parents of the DREAMers. Note that in the hysteria about the DREAMers, their parents are seldom mentioned, except to say that their parents brought them. But where are their parents now?

Kobach’s solution: deport the DREAMers and their parents together. Exactly! Keep the family together!

Kobach points out that the DREAMers aren’t U.S. citizens and that they are competing with American citizens of the same age.

Nor does he fall for the economic argument, attempting to explain to CNN reporters John Berman and Poppy Harlow the difference between the country’s GDP and the GDP per capita.

It’s short but certainly worth watching.

Hat Tip: I actually discovered this interview while exploring the website of La Opinión,  the biggest Spanish-language paper in the country. So a very Hearty Hat Tip to La Opinión , which was of course scandalized by it.

The La Opinión article begins

“Great indignation has been caused in the immigrant community by the declarations of the Kansas Secretary of State, who has shown once again the cruelty residing in some sectors of the country when it comes to the future of nearly 800,000 young indocumentados.”

 Koback sobre los Dreamers: “lo correcto sería deportarlos a todos con sus familias” (Koback [sic] on the Dreamers: “the correct thing would be to deport them with their families”) September 6, 2017

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