Koch superb on Obama/Arizona
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Sometimes I have to drive significant distances at the weekend, and so am exposed by my default car radio setting of Bloomberg radio to talk shows hosted and largely filled up by NY ex-mayor Ed Koch. I hear little congenial or of interest. (I might well feel differently if I were an Israeli, but as it happens I am not.)

Consequently I was astonished to read Amnesty: It Is Not Too Late To Step Away From The Abyss By Ed Koch Algemeiner.com July 13 2010.

This essay is a scathing, well-informed and relentlessly cogent attack on President Obama’s behavior over the Arizona anti-illegal immigration legislation. Patriots should circulate it widely.

The President appears to be telling the American public that the U.S. government can’t keep our borders safe from illegal entry. But if the feds really wanted to prevent illegal entry, they would send the National Guard to the borders with the mission of preventing illegals from entering, which is what most Americans believe they could and should do. How do other countries protect their borders? Mexico does not open its southern border to illegals from Central and South America. It arrests, detains and sends them back to their home countries, as President Felipe Calderon admitted in a recent interview on CNN. Is the U.S.A. less competent than Mexico in the matter of border security?

Is the President saying because the illegals crossing the Mexican-American border are brown skinned and speak Spanish, they have a right to cross?... Is he saying to the citizens of Haiti, most of whom would qualify as economic refugees, that we will accord them refugee status and take them in?

(VDARE.com answer: yes)
Is the Justice Department saying the federal government is unable to keep our borders safe, not only from the criminals seeking to cross, but also from the economic refugee seeking a safe haven to get a job, medical care and a public education for his family, all costing, in this case, Arizona, billions of dollars? Is that acceptable?...

The President glosses over the fact that if we are not able to police our borders, as soon as the current 11 million illegals are given amnesty, a new crop of illegals will be walking across our borders. Is the President saying that once the 11 million are given amnesty, we will find a way to stop a new wave of illegals? If so, why not find and impose that way now?

Koch concludes with a cheerful thought (for Patriots).
The contempt of the public on this issue towards the efforts of both the President and the Congress to impose their will on an unwilling public has added strength to the coming November debacle for the Democratic Party.
Strange to remember that Ed Koch was a member of the pro-immigration side in the 1995 Firing Line debate about Alien Nation. But flip-flops from that time happen. What a degeneration the present NY Mayor is!

Why, might one ask, does such a significant public figure get banished to so obscure an outlet for a statement of this importance? What a measure of the MSM ideological black-out on the subject!

H/T (again! ) to One Old Vet

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