Kobach Won The Brown(er) Counties—With The Votes Of White Republicans
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Of the twenty counties in Kansas where Hispanics comprise at least 15% of the population, Kobach won sixteen of them. Colyer won four. The state has three counties that are majority-Hispanic. Kobach handily won all three of them.

On average, the counties that went to Kobach are 13.1% Hispanic. The counties Colyer won are 7.3% Hispanic.

The correlation by county between Kobach's share and the share of the population that is Hispanic is a positive .28. Fairly modest, but not insignificant.

As the results came in on election night, they undercut a lot of the conventional wisdom about how the results would shake out. Most saliently, there was no clear rural/suburban/urban divide.

This correlation between a large Hispanic presence and Kobach's share is one I'd hoped would manifest, so it's encouraging to see it empirically validated. And the correlation between the voting share of white Republicans and the Hispanic presence is almost certainly higher than .28, since the counties with lots of Hispanics will include larger shares of Hispanics voting against Kobach than counties with few Hispanics.

If the Ned Flanderesses of the cuck corridor are able to push back, however feebly, instead of lying on their backs and taking it, there's still hope the West will yet find the will to survive.

Parenthetically, all data presented above are calculated in a two-way race between Kobach and Colyer. Adding the vote totals of the other throwaway candidates into the mix was a tedious proposition for very likely no meaningful change in the results.

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