Kennedy Assassination Prompted Liberal Switch against Patriotism and toward Cultural Transformation
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A couple times last week, Rush Limbaugh explored an interesting byway of political history related to the Kennedy assassination, an event which marked its 50th anniversary on Friday. The idea was that that the left could not accept the fact that an individual communist, Lee Harvey Oswald, murdered the Democrat President, and as a result, leftwingers changed their worldview to regard America in general as responsible for the death and an evil force in the world.

The interpretation came from a 2007 book Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism by James Piereson. The Amazon site allows inspection of some interesting passages within the book.

Before the assassination, liberalism had an upbeat outlook and positive leaders like FDR, Truman and Kennedy himself. The reassessment that followed the death took a bitter turn and remains so to this day, when Americans with traditional values are blamed for everything under the sun by the liberal establishment and its stenographers.

Here’s a snip from Limbaugh’s November 21 radio show:

But his point, his overall thesis is that up until that time, Democrats believed in “progressivism.” They believed in Big Government. But they at least attached optimistic outcomes to it. They really believed they were helping America. They really believed they were helping families, helping people. Now they’ve just become, “The country’s horrible, it’s rotten, it needs to be reformed!” The liberals of JFK’s day did not think there was anything really major wrong with this country.

The theory that the assassination unglued the left certainly has the ring of truth. Liberalism has been on the warpath since then to destroy traditional conservative values. Limbaugh didn’t expand on the idea of post-Camelot as far as he could have, that the liberal effort after Kennedy doubled down to remake America in a way more to their liking, say in the style of European socialism.

Limbaugh also did not extrapolate that an aspect of the left’s remaking of America includes importing millions of future Democrat voters via enormous immigration, legal and illegal. (Limbaugh apparently doesn’t regard immigration as an important issue for his show.)

Democrats disapprove of America and have been engaged in a long-term strategy to turn a center-right nation into a totally regulated socialist stronghold to protect the little citizens from the dangers of freedom. The libs’ two major strategies of cultural transformation are school propaganda starting with the youngest minds and immigration to import pre-made left-wingers from Mexico and other big-government bastions.

As the researchers at Pew Hispanic found, the cultural preference for big government lasts for generations among Hispanics.

So the open border to the south is seen by left-wing cultural transformers as a big plus — something that may have started as a result of the Kennedy assassination.

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