Justin Trudeau Is Jumbo-Sizing America, Jr.
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Back in October, I wrote a Taki’s column, “America, Jr.,” about Justin Trudeau’s pedal-to-the-metal population growth policy, graphing the growth rate thru July 1, 2023, the first day of the third quarter.

Now the Canadian government has released population figures through the last day of the third quarter, October 31, 2023, and they were even more astonishing than in the previous quarter:

In particular, Canada’s diploma-mill colleges have been going all out getting temporary visas for South Asians who hope they can swing a temp visa into a permanent one and then, if Shiva be merciful, an American one. For example, obscure Conestoga College has grabbed over 31,000 temporary visas over the last 16 months.

They promote themselves to the world via a vast number of videos, such as this one nominated by Reddit readers as the Worst Ad Ever:


A reader responded:

2 days ago

Conestoga College is a world-renowned centre of excellence for the lost art of chopping vegetables. People come from far and wide to learn this unique skill that only Conestoga College in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada has managed to perfect throughout the entirety of human history across all cultures and civilizations.

You need to understand this—without these skills humanity will starve—the only place to obtain these skills you ask? Conestoga College.

Just the other day I encountered a woman sobbing at Superstore….a brand new kitchen knife in her cart along with several peppers and a tomato.

I asked “What is wrong? Are you OK?”

She said “It’s going to happen again. I will buy the vegetables, bring them home, open the kitchen knife and I won’t know what to do…my family will stare at me longingly from the kitchen table, bellies rumbling due to hunger, wishing I could somehow chop the vegetables for the chili or soup or many other dishes they so desperately wish I could make. My husband will sigh and remove the phone from his pocket and order Skip again” *sobs*—the knife go in the drawer with the 20 others I have purchased and the vegetables will go into our compost bin.” *sobbing continues*

I felt for this woman. I felt for her family. I empathized as I too once had lived this cycle of misery and experienced those feelings of inadequacy.

I said “Today your life is going to change. I have the answer to this problem!” I reached into my pocket and handed her a brochure and advised her to go to that website and there she would begin a journey. A journey that would change the trajectory of her life and her family’s life forever.

That journey would begin in the test kitchens of Conestoga College and end with a family seated around a piping hot bowl of chopped vegetable soup that she prepared for them.

Lives will change. Vegetables will not go to waste. Start your journey today.

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