Just Who Is It That's Rioting In France? The BBC Knows, But Won't Tell!
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You may have heard about the new French riots—which aren't actually French riots, but riots taking place in France. The rioters, same as in 2005, seem to be Muslims, most black Muslims from North Africa. The BBC story below refers to them as "youths" and speaks of resentment, but doesn't actually say what race or religon the rioters belong to, which, if we didn't know the secret, would make this one section of the article puzzling:
The BBC's Alasdair Sandford says there is a lot of anger in Villiers-le-Bel that an initial results of an internal police enquiry suggest officers were not to blame for the crash.

He adds that although plenty of money has been poured into areas like Villiers le Bel - an equal opportunities law was passed designed to combat discrimination and to boost job opportunities for young people - that seems irrelevant when resentment between young people and the police seems worse than ever.

Correspondents say a third of the 26,000 inhabitants in Villiers-le-Bel are under 24 and jobs are hard to come by.[BBC NEWS | Europe | Paris rioters 'criminals' says PM]

Yes, but the discrimination they're claiming isn't age discrimination, nor are they rioting because of youthful high spirits.These are crime-ridden black and Muslim suburbs, which are a result of years of bad immigration policy in France. And the BBC is just omitting that. The only mention is in the  very last paragraph mentions that the two teenagers who died in a stupid motorcyle accident were "of Algerian origin."
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