Julie Myers—More Clueless Than Expected
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May 16, 2006, 09:10 PM
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Radio host Hugh Hewitt is a Republican loyalist who "was actually okay with" the Bush immigration speech , thought it was a "fine effort,"... and then Julie Myers came on his program.

Julie Myers, if you`ll recall, was

Myers herself said

“I will seek to work with those who are knowledgeable in this area, who know more than I do.”

Julie appointed assistants named "Marcy (Investigations), Traci (Professional Responsibility) and Cynthia (Intelligence)"

Now, you can read and listen (MP3) to Julie as she manages to "undo the impact of a Presidential address in one easy lesson:

HH: So I`m back to the fencing conversation. If fencing is the best way to stop them at the border, why don`t we have a plan laid out for that?

JM: Well, you know, I don`t think we think that fencing is the best way to stop them on the border. I think the President`s called for...if you build a fence, they build a tunnel. We just saw that today. There was another tunnel destroyed, another, excuse me, another tunnel found over in the San Diego area. So you can`t...given the kind of the layout of our land, I believe it`s the President`s view, it`s the border patrol`s view, that a fence alone is not enough. We need a layered approach that includes surveillance, personnel, technology. We are working with the military to make sure we have the best technology. And some places, a fence may be very effective, but some places, it`s simply not.

HH: Assistant Secretary Myers, correct me if I`m wrong. I think you just walked the administration back from the fence.

JM:, I said consistent with what the border patrol chief`s been telling me all along, he`s been telling me what he needs, the combination of all these things. You look at the particular location, the particular terrain, and you decide what`s most effective. You don`t want something people can scale in two minutes and then be in the desert, and then you just have put people on the other side of the fence.

HH: But the idea that the fact that someone can dig a tunnel undermines the idea that a fence is effective...we`ll come back.

Just for the record, the technology used to defeat tunnelling has existed since the First World War.