Julian Castro Drops the Mask: "The Hispanic Vote In Texas Will Continue To Increase. By 2024 Democrats Can Win Texas, Arizona And Florida..."
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Commenter NebulaFox responds:

Submitted on 2018/01/28 at 8:57 pm | In reply to syonredux.[#2180504]Yep. And you are left with a far less tractable white minority that will act in precisely the opposite fashion as demanded of them by people like Castro. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: it is much easier to deal with a deeply ideologically divided 75% white bloc that doesn’t think of itself as such than a 40% white bloc that have a lot more people that are at least willing to latently think in such terms, and as a result, is more likely to ignore differences and unite.
What’s more, Castro seems to be under the illusion that this massive coalition is going to be at all stable, especially as socioeconomic decline for those below the upper-middle class and massive structural problems for the US increase. This vaunted “demographic majority” is only one in the sense that white people are not it, and whites will still be a substantial plurality that votes more on average. Beyond that, there are massive conflicts of interest that can and eventually will come to the fore. All sorts of long-term implications from that, but the immediate political impact is that it increases the feeling among many voters that the project of our political elite is essentially destructive and aimless in nature-and they just want to run out the clock until it has progressed too much to reverse. This will mean that the old turnout problems for Democrats will linger, unless the GOP “out-incompetences” them. (A likely scenario, but why do you want to put your fate in the hands of others? That’s what led to 2014 and 2016.) They don’t have a unifying policy message of what they want beyond platitudes of “diversity”.
I’m emphatically not a white nationalist for several reasons-substantial ideological and personal distaste plays a role-but perhaps the biggest one is because I know just how absolutely ugly sectarian, ethnic inspired conflicts can be. That’s the worst case scenario for our nation. It is no joke, and it is nothing to celebrate, contrary to what a lot of the spoiled armchair warriors here think. But the political elite of this nation seems hellbent on causing it in the long run, so ultimately, I fault them. Leaders have responsibilities to their nation and people. If they don’t fulfill them, historical guilt lies there.

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