Judicial Watch Panel On Obama's Administrative Amnesty And The GOP
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From  Judicial Watch, a panel on Obama's administrative  amnesty:

Congressman Steve King (IA-04), U.S. House of Representatives; Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies; and Rosemary Jenks, Director of Government Relations for NumbersUSA discuss the status of amnesty efforts in Congress, as well as President Obama’s controversial decisions to suspend deportation for entire categories of illegal aliens.

At 1:06;00 Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA explains that what the Republicans should do is tell Obama that he will get no immigration reform until he agrees to enforce the current law, and Mark Krikorian compares Obama's lawless to (a) the late Hugo Chavez and (b) the late Roman Empire, under Diocletian, when, in a passage Krikorian has quoted elsewhere, Edward Gibbon said 

In the exercise of the legislative as well as of the executive power, the sovereign advised with his ministers, instead of consulting the great council of the nation. The name of the senate was mentioned with honour till the last period of the empire; the vanity of its members was still flattered with honorary disinctions; but the assembly, which had so long been the source, and so long the instrument, of power, was respectfully suffered to sink into oblivion. The senate of Rome, losing all connection with the Imperial court and the actual constitution, was left a venerable but useless monument of antiquity on the Capitoline hill.

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