John Podhoretz, THE WEEKLY STANDARD, And Steve King
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Here is John Podhoretz's unhinged tweet on Rep. Steve King, after King, an immigration patriot, tweeted about what Podhoretz called the "The Murder of The Weekly Standard:"

The problem with this tweet is that you are a foul, disgusting liar and a stain on American public life. The stench of your deceit and your views pollutes your district, your state, your party, and the United States

Under the main headline at Commentary, which Podhoretz edits, readers saw this palpably ridiculous subhead: "An intellectual and political crime."

But let's move beyond the idea that shuttering TWS is akin, say, to burning the Vatican Library, a proposition so self-evidently laughable it isn't worth refuting. That doesn't mean, by the way, that TWS didn't publish some damn fine journalism. It did.

The idea that Normanson, as he is known, is some sort of "intellectual" is palpably ridiculous as well. That's what the subhead implies after all, given that Podhoretz was one of the magazine's founders.

Podhoretz is a second-rater who achieved his small measure of fame only because of who his father is ... and was. And he's been a second-rater in the three decades since his fellow scribes at The Washington Times were openly laughing at his stupid first-person columns.

As for calling out bigots, let us remind Podhoretz fils that his father wrote "My Negro Problem And Ours," [PDF] which still appears proudly at Commentary's website 55 years after its publication in 1963 as "One of the Most Controversial and Powerful Essays Published in COMMENTARY."

Perhaps only a privileged few can write and speak honestly about certain matters.


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