John Derbyshire: When The Military Pushed Back
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My weekly column at Taki’s Magazine is up.

The topic is the Cultural Marxist takeover of the U.S. military.

By way of suggesting a lawful, honorable way the military can push back against pressure from the civilian authorities, I recall an incident when officers of the British Army successfully did so, a hundred years ago next Spring.

The first thing to be said about the 1914 Curragh (silent “g”) Mutiny is that it was not a mutiny in the strict military sense. No serviceman turned his weapons against his superiors; no-one refused a lawful order. Modern reference books list the Mutiny under “Curragh Incident.” However, it is still generally spoken of as the Curragh Mutiny, probably because that sounds more dramatic, and we like our history spiced up with some drama.

Read the whole thing in Taki’s Magazine.



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