John Derbyshire On Our "Courageous" Legislators
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I got this gem from a reader. He starts by quoting my Jan. 8th podcast:

I'm going to open with a confession here: watching those protestors rampaging through the halls of Congress on Wednesday afternoon, there was a part of me that was cheering them on.

Then he continues:

Well, part of me was too. Then, suddenly, all of me. Why? Two reasons. 

First, it was very, very funny. I still start laughing every time I think about it. 

Which leads to the second reason. And this is why I believe the Democrats, controlled opposition Republicans, and Con. Inc. press are mad as hornets. This incident revealed them. 

It shows them to be cowardly, weak, and soft. They spent hours hiding under desks or behind sofas while a couple of hundred guys wandered around and posed for selfies in the Senate. 

Remember, these congressmen are the ones  who call themselves "courageous" and "leaders." Puffed up wooden words about the "Temple of Democracy" immediately poured from their mouths, so that we wouldn’t realize it’s really a "Temple of Whores."   

Not a single person had the courage to go out and confront a man wearing buffalo horns flanked on either side with what looked like cast tryouts for Duck Dynasty. Had one person done so, he would now be the frontrunner for the presidency in 2024. 

Think of General Gordon at Khartoum and Joy's painting.

Think of Gordon facing down the Mahdi. Then, think of Mitch and Chuck and Nancy cowering behind the sofa, hiding from the QAnon Shaman. Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Indeed it does. 

In my polemical utterances I frequently use the term "congresscritters," which I learned from the late Jerry Pournelle. In future I may alternate "congresscritters" with "congresspussies." 


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