Derb Is Back!
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The cry goes round the chancelleries: "Where is Derb?"

Back home at the family estates in Long Island after ten days' vacation, that's where.  Dad, Mom, and Toby, the hound of the Derbyshires, took a long (2,250 miles on the odometer) road trip through upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Saw some nice places, met some friends, ate several pounds of lobster, and ogled millions of leaves in fall colors.  Very relaxing.

Most relaxing part:  the ten-hour ferry back from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland, Maine.  It's like a mini-cruise.  You get your own cabin, there are movies and events, and so on.

I don't advertise my vacations ahead of time for fear my unoccupied house will be looted by feral packs of Long Island mall rats.  You never know who's reading.

Blogging will resume as soon as I've caught up with mail and email.  Radio Derb will be on the air as usual this Friday.

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