Joey from "Friends" elected President of Mexico
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Joey from "Friends" elected President of MexicoMexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party is back in power after 12 years, with a President who looks like a mid-market anchorman trying to figure out if what the weatherman said on-air was just a joke or actually some kind of veiled insult directed at his intelligence.

Here's a new article in which two crack reporters from the New York Times struggle visibly to come up with anything to say about Enrique Pena Nieto. Can this guy possibly be as vapid as he looks? Isn't President of Mexico one of those really good jobs, like Mayor of Chicago? What's the story here?Joey from "Friends" elected President of Mexico

And here's an ancient VDARE article from 2001 about Pena Nieto's backer Carlos Salinas, the PRI's president from 1988-1994.

Mexico is a quite interesting place, but Americans consider it in poor taste to pay much attention.

More globally, are politicians getting more youthful-looking?
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