Memo To Lou Dobbs: Tap Joe!
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When I watched Lou Dobbs moderate a "Face-Off" between Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, and Hoover Institute Senior Fellow Victor Davis (Mexifornia) Hanson on his January 19th CNN Tonight program, I was chomping at the bit.

The next time Dobbs wants someone as a foil to an open borders advocate, I hope he calls me.

At least I know my stuff. I promise not to embarrass our side, as Hanson did, by using an immigration enthusiast terms like "living in the shadows."

And I certainly will not, as Hanson has repeatedly, propose a "… one- time amnesty, not rolling amnesty, for people who are here 10 years, 15 years" as part of an immigration reform solution.

Hanson seems to have forgotten that we already endured a "one-time amnesty" about 10 million illegal aliens ago.

With friends like this, immigration patriots don't need Dubya!

[Click here to suggest Joe to Lou Dobbs]

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