A Van Gogh-Style Muslim Killing in America?
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Muslims in New Jersey are shocked, shocked that Coptic Christians there are enraged that a family of four was found brutally murdered January 14—one theory being that jihadists perpetrated a Theo Van Gogh-type killing because of the father's critical comments about Islam in an internet chat room.

The dead included parents Hossam and Amal, and daughters Sylvia, 15, and Monica, 8. All were bound, gagged and stabbed numerous times. Some reports noted the "ritualistic cutting of the throats." Another possible motive was reported by the excellent JihadWatch.org: someone close to the case suggests that Hossam's work to convert Muslims to Christianity was what engendered the mass-murdering fury.

Hundreds of mourners attended the procession and funeral for the family on last Monday. The Coptic community is angry, frightened and wants the killers found.

Like many Coptic Christians, the Armanious family immigrated to America to escape the persecution and violence which are the norm in Egypt and other majority-Muslim nations.

They believed that Christians would be free and safe in America.

There was evidently money stolen from the Armanious' home, so police are reportedly also investigating the possibility that the crime was merely a horrific robbery rather than a jihadist attack.

But the Copts aren't buying that scenario, and the U.S. Copts Association sent out a press release that expressed no doubt who the killers were. Unlike many citizens who remain in denial that America has determined enemies (many of whom live in this country), Coptic Christians know Islam is not, whatever George Bush says, “religion of peace." Interestingly, when the Jersey Muslims held a recent "interfaith" meeting to defuse tensions, no representatives of other religions saw fit to attend.

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