Jihad On Immigration Enforcement
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The Mexican head of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Thomas Perez, announced, in Spanish, a special complaint line for illegl aliens who object to being arrested by the State of Alabama for being illegal aliens:
AP October 14, 2011

The federal government's top civil rights lawyer is asking Alabama immigrants to report any problems caused by that state's tough new law against illegal Immigration.

The assistant U.S. attorney general in charge of civil rights, Thomas Perez, met with scores of Hispanics and others at an elementary school in Birmingham on Thursday night.

Perez said the Justice Department needs information about any potential civil rights violations under the law. Speaking in both Spanish and English, he gave the crowd a telephone number and email address set up to take complaints.

The Obama administration is asking a federal appeals court to block the state law, widely considered one of the toughest on immigration in the country. The Justice Department calls it an infringement on federal law.


Here we have it, the Federal government not just objecting to State enforcement of Federal law in support of the intent of Acts of Congress, but also aiding and abetting illegal aliens to remain in the United States.
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