Occupy Wall St. Picks Open Borders Over High Wages
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Kevin DeAnna at Youth for Western Civilization writes that the Occupy Wall St. protestors have accurately identified the problem, namely the inability of "ordinary Americans to lead a middle class life.”

However, he says they

“don’t consider the social, cultural, and governmental changes that caused these problems to take place. The left wing lifestyle choices, political correctness, multiculturalism (including affirmative action and preferential loans and financial programs for minority groups), open borders, growth of government power, growth of welfare programs, and the debt driven finance required to pay for all of this are why the American middle class and the American nation are collapsing. In fact, if we didn't have this debt driven financial system we wouldn't have the money to pay for the professors of 'globalization studies' that I see on Democracy Now! every night telling me how they are helping organize these protests.”

[Radicals For the System, October 9, 2011]

Immigration is obviously a primary cause of the collapse of the middle class. However, because immigration is now largely non-white, leftists are ideologically committed to supporting it regardless of the consequences. (Occupy Wall St. progressives have have adopted the rule that white males must  speak last at meetings.)

For example, the group Imagine 2050 ’s name reflects when the United States is expected to become majority non-white. They have expressed solidarity with the protests and are sending them care packages.

At the same time, they are deeply concerned about Alabama’s common sense immigration law because it will cause tomato pickers to flee the state. By “tomato pickers” affected by the law, they mean, by definition, illegal laborers who work for low wages. The Slave Power might be forced to hire Americans at reasonable wages— and progressives don’t want that.

You can have a middle class society or you can have open borders. Occupy Wall Street and the rest of the progressive movement have made their choice clear.

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