Jessica Alba Has Been Carefully Taught
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Jessica Alba Thinks The Arizona Law Is RacistJessica Alba clearly learned in California schools that being Native-American is the right thing to be and being European the wrong thing. (See The Fair Jessica Calls Arizona Racist below.) That is what one learns in California schools. That is what my California-educated children were taught but they are smart and Jessica is stupid.

My adult children do not care that they are part Native-American and part European. Personally, I never cared a bit but my Texas aunts and uncles cared. They were not happy about it. South of the border, they care too.

In Mexico and Guatemala, locals deny their indigenous roots because Mixtecs, Queche-speaking Mayans and others are considered to be the lowest of the low. For example, I have been told in Guatemala that they are heathens and burn chickens. I first heard these comments from a man whose face could have been the model for stelas at Tikal among the Mayan ruins.

Mixtecs from Oaxaca, Mexico, make up a large segment of the illegal farm worker population in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Most are illiterate in their own language which might be Trique, Amuzgo, Mixe, and P’urepecha. Most cannot even speak Spanish.

One of my long-time friends is a Mexican-American and a retired Sheriff’s Commander for Santa Barbara County. He told me that he was in the Santa Maria jail in northern Santa Barbara County and he spoke with an illegal alien who was accused (and later convicted of) murdering a Mixtec. My friend told me that the Mexican prisoner could not understand why he was in jail for murdering a Mixtec as ”as they are just animals.”

Jessica should be proud of her heritage but she needs to travel to Mexico and Guatemala to find out what the locals thinks of Indigenas.

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