Jenny: A Patriot
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The Kvetcher’s sagacious blog Jewish Unease Towards Mass Immigration From Islamic Countries Spreads Left by DK which I discussed here has sparked an impressive and worthwhile controversy. As I mentioned here, it produced a valuable analysis demonstrating that US-born Hispanics are about twice as anti-Semitic as white Americans generally. And it stimulated two very interesting responses from ”Jenny” a "native person", of Wampanoag ancestry, who had some incisive remarks.

This in turn generated a vicious and verbose response from ”Temoc”, who is clearly a professional, possibly employed by one of the Hispanic grant-eating outfits, but in my view, given the quality of his work, more likely from the ADL or the $PLC, probably under false colors:

First off, you are probably lying about being a native.
I was worried for Jenny a
lifelong liberal and passionately against anti-Semitism.
Not many ordinary citizens can take the scalding, violent abuse which is the trademark of these entities.

Happily, I was wrong. Jenny struck right back, and powerfully, in a post which deserves reading in full. She accepts that Temoc is a Mexican, but said:

I’m not surprised that someone whose ancestors committed genocide against the native peoples of what is now referred to as ”Latin” America, and who also created the trans-Atlantic slave trade, would attempt to disrespect me, while at the same time attempt to exploit my people’s history. Your people slaughtered the indigenous peoples south of the border, and in fact attempted to do the same thing to the indigenous peoples in the southwest of what is now referred to as the United States.I know Afro Latinos who have written and spoken about the racist treatment they are treated to, especially by the brownest Mexican.

The fact that Mexico’s economy has been in the toilet up until NAFTA, is because your culture is corrupt, and unwilling to work hard to actually achieve reform. Your people prefer dirty backdoor dealings, bribes and other similar practices. In Spanish culture, there is no such thing as compromise. Equal rights is not a concept that is understood because the culture there promotes the concept of getting one over on others. Lift yourself up, so you can oppress others.

This is only part of what Jenny has to say!

Poor Kvetcher! A post to his own community has generated a nationally significant debate. Very likely the Frum will not appreciate this. Please thank him.

To Jenny: Please contact Peter Brimelow. is a Coalition. No Immigration skeptic is excluded. We can give your views (and energy!) major circulation.

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