Jennifer Rubin's White Phobia
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 From the Washington Post:

How to fight Trump’s plan to whiten our immigration system

By Jennifer Rubin January 26

Right Turn Opinion

… The proposal not only includes an eye-popping $25 billion for a wall and other security measures (Isn’t Mexico supposed to foot the bill?), but it ends immigration by family reunification — the ability for those who have become citizens to get green cards for parents, siblings and adult children. (Spouses and minor children could still be granted green cards.) And if that wasn’t enough, the proposal seeks to end the “lottery visa” — the process by which 50,000 immigrants from countries Trump would disparage (i.e. not European) are able to come to the United States. With the cancellation of that program, we get one step closer to Trump’s view of an America that looks like Norway.

… However, the main thrust of this bill is, in fact, to cut and reshape legal immigration. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and Democrats should resist the invitation to use dreamers to leverage a deal that “whitens” our immigration system.

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