Jeff Sessions Slams Obama's "Nullification"—Will He Mention Impeachment?
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Senator Jeff Sessions, the champion of the American worker, sent a "Dear Colleague" letter to every member of Congress savaging Obama's plan to legalize aliens through unilateral executive action.  In Sessions's words, this action "threatens the foundation of our constitutional Republic."
Sessions cites a recent report from the National Journal, in which reporter Major Garrett detailed how, despite the ongoing crisis at the border, Obama plans to legalize anywhere from five to six million illegal alien adults in much the same way he did for illegal alien minors through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in summer 2012.

“Obama made it clear he would press his executive powers to the limit,” Garrett wrote on July 3, as cited by Sessions. “He gave quiet credence to recommendations from La Raza and other immigration groups that between 5 million to 6 million adult illegal immigrants could be spared deportation under a similar form of deferred adjudication he ordered for the so-called Dreamers in June 2012.”

Sessions cites another paragraph from that National Journal piece as well, in which Garrett reported that President Obama has “now ordered the Homeland Security and Justice departments to find executive authorities that could enlarge that non-prosecutorial umbrella by a factor of 10.”

“Senior officials also tell me Obama wants to see what he can do with executive power to provide temporary legal status to undocumented adults,” Garrett wrote. “And he will shift Immigration Control and Enforcement resources from the interior to the border to reduce deportations of those already here and to beef up defenses along the border.”

[Exclusive — Sessions Warns All of Congress: Obama's New Immigration Strategy 'Threatens Foundation of Our Constitutional Republic, by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, July 15, 2014]

The key paragraph of the letter, as highlighted by Boyle,
The action the President is reportedly contemplating would be a nullification of the Immigration and National Act by the Executive Branch of government. Indeed, it would be an executive nullification of our borders as an enforceable national boundary. By declaring whole classes of illegal immigrants beyond the reach of the law, it would remove the moral authority needed to enforce any immigration law, creating the very open-borders policy explicitly rejected by Congress and the people. And it would guarantee that the current illegal immigration disaster would only further worsen and destabilize.
The full letter can be found here.

Sessions urges his colleagues to "stand firm" and insist the President enforce the law.  There's little chance of that happening — we already live in a post-Constitutional state.  So what comes next?

The only option the System presents is impeachment.  It's either that, or surrender to Obama's lawlessness.

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