Jeff Bezos Shares His Wealth. (With Illegal Aliens.)
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January 12th was  the 54th birthday of Jeff Bezos, founder of Coincidentally, this seems also to have been the week in which Mr Bezos’ net worth crossed over from eight digits to nine. His personal wealth is now over a hundred billion dollars.

You’d think, wouldn’t you?, that having had the great good fortune to grow up in the U.S.A., where it’s possible to rise by honest means from humble beginnings to wealth beyond the dreams of avarice, you might think that Bezos would want to give something back to his country: some kind of fund or scholarship program for poor American kids, perhaps.

If you did think that you are pitifully naïve about the modern centibillionaire’s interest in nation-states, citizenship, or sovereignty.

Bezos is a citizen of the world, who scoffs at patriotism and respect for our laws. He has indeed established a 33 million dollar college scholarship fund … for illegal aliens.

As well as being a sneering slap in the face to his fellow citizens this is also, as several commenters have pointed out, a violation of federal laws against giving aid and assistance to illegal aliens.

How wonderful it would be to see this traitorous toad being led to the dock in an orange jumpsuit. Are we a country of laws, or of men?

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