Jeb Bush Tells Cheering Car Dealers That More Immigrants = More Fresh Meat
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From the New York Times:
Jeb Bush Sounds Sympathetic Note for Immigrants


SAN FRANCISCO — In a sweeping speech that leaned heavily on economic policy, former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida on Friday described immigrants as the “engine of economic vitality” before calling for a more welcoming immigration policy that could put him at odds with some in the more conservative wing of his party.

“We need to find a path to legalized status for those who have come here and have languished in the shadows,” Mr. Bush said. While not specifically calling for a path to legalization for unauthorized immigrants, Mr. Bush’s statement will probably be a topic of conversation this weekend in Iowa, as many other Republicans attend the Iowa Freedom Summit hosted by Representative Steve King, who maintains a hard-line policy against illegal immigration.

Speaking at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention and exposition, Mr. Bush seemed at times to be responding to President Obama’s State of the Union address, during which the president pushed for government benefits like more generous tax credits for the middle class.

… Staging Mr. Bush’s first public speech during this exploratory phase at an auto dealership convention aligns with his current plans. Since his announcement, Mr. Bush has been traveling across the country, wooing potential donors as he contemplates a campaign.

The audience for his paid speech here at the conference, chock-full of car dealership owners, is a solid fund-raising base that leans heavily Republican.

Car dealers notoriously exploit Hispanic and black customers via high prices and complex loan terms. So Jeb Bush made his first speech of his presidential campaign in front of an appreciative paying audience of auto dealers who liked his call for more fresh meat for their salesmen to rip off


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