Jeb Bush And Clint Bolick “Forging” A Solution To A Visa Problem That Doesn’t Exist—By Fudging The Facts
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Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick (authors of Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution )did a standard Treason Lobby  op-ed in the WSJ, "A Republican Case for Immigration Reform," [July 1, 2013] making their case for open immigration that will lower American wages in the tech sector as well as the fruit-picking sector of the economy.

They received some useful answers in their letter column. [July 5, 2013] Scroll down to see this one:

Messrs. Bush and Bolick's op-ed notes that U.S. universities still attract the world's best and brightest, then makes the claim that "few foreign students are allowed to remain after graduating." If you google  my name with the term "stay rate" you will find a series of research papers, funded by the National Science Foundation, which show that a substantial majority of foreign recipients of science and engineering doctorates do stay here after graduation from a U.S. university. Those from China and India have a stay rate of 80% to 90%, even though immigrants from those countries face the most restrictions. It may be that foreign students with nontechnical majors have more difficulty staying, but to my knowledge no one is claiming a shortage in those fields.

Michael Finn, Ph.D.

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

 See the Google search Dr. Finn suggested in Google Scholar,  or have a look at  Stay Rates of Foreign Doctorate Recipients from U.S.  Universities, 2009, Michael G. Finn, Science Education Programs, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, January 2012 [PDF]

A press release on that study is available: Oak Ridge Associated Universities: Study finds rate of foreign Ph.D. recipients staying in U.S. remains high, No evidence that visa restrictions are reducing stay rates, according to report, Jan. 18, 2012.

So if 80% to 90% of Ph.d’s from China and India are staying, maybe they are already getting green cards stapled to their degrees, and  there is no shortage of these visas. Rather, American Ph.d’s are being displaced. [See National Data |U.S PhDs Have It Tough Enough Without Importing Immigrants.]

And as regards their use of immigration facts, what do  Bush and Bolick mean by “Forging A Solution”? Actual forgery?

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