Jay Leno Banned In Texas
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A while back, I posted list of Jay Leno jokes on immigration,(Sample. "President Vicente Fox visited Arizona and demanded that we make immigration easier. As Jay Leno says, “How? By installing moving walkways?”") and one of his jokes was reprinted in a Texas University student paper:

"According to a poll in USA Today, 40% of Mexicans say they would move to the U.S. if they had the chance. The other 60% are already here." —Jay Leno

This has caused the usual anti-free speech uproar, with the university trying to censor it, because one University administrator says the joke "targeted" Mexicans. It doesn't, it targets US immigration policy.

Just for the record, Leno was joking about the 60%: only 20% of all the Mexicans in the world live in the US.

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