Jared Taylor: Welcome to the Wacky World of “Hate Crimes”
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Welcome to the Wacky World of “Hate Crimes”Did you know that the people of Lexington, Kentucky are 26 times more likely than the people of Chicago to commit hate crimes? And that although neither Miami nor Atlanta had a single hate crime in 2012, Seattle had 85?

Welcome to the wacky world of Hate Crime Statistics, 2012, brought to you by the Department of Justice. This is Eric Holder’s never-never land, where Hispanics are victims of hundreds of hate crimes every year, but never commit a single one themselves, and where even gambling, prostitution, auto theft, and weapons violations can be counted as “hate crimes.”
Hard to believe? Your government issues this claptrap report every year, to a fanfare of press-releases and much pious reflection on whether we are winning or losing the war on “hate.” Not even the feds usually publish stuff this absurd.
You can read my full analysis here.
While you are AmRen.com, take a look at an interview the French New Right philosopher Alain de Benoist gave us. “We are at the end of something,” he notes, in a wide-ranging conversation about how modernity destroys identity. He closes with a few choice words of advice for Americans.
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