Jared Taylor: A Hero Of Our Time
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Jared Taylor is proprietor of the American Renaissance website. His voice is one of the most eloquent and most consistent of those advocating for the group interests of white Americans—a perfectly reasonable thing to advocate for in a multiracial society. We frequently cross-post Jared’s opinion pieces here at VDARE.com, always with his permission of course.

I’ve been a fan of Jared’s since reading his book Paved with Good Intentions thirty years ago. I’ve attended many of American Renaissance’s annual conventions, and I’ve had the privilege of speaking at some of them.

So it was with much interest that I saw Jared himself is scheduled to speak to a student group at Arizona State University in Tempe next Friday. Title of his talk: ”If We Do Nothing: A Defense of White Identity Politics.” That’s the title.

(I’ll just point out, for those not aware of it, that ”If We Do Nothing” is also the title of another of Jared’s books: a collection he published in 2017 of essays from the previous 25 years. Well worth your twenty bucks, and now available as an audiobook, too.)

OK, back to Tempe, Arizona, where Jared is scheduled to speak September 2nd. The thing I’m wondering is of course: Will this actually happen? The anti-white and anarchist mobs are already shrieking and howling on social media.

Will Arizona State University authorities buckle under threats of disorder, the way Williams College did when I was scheduled to speak there back in 2016? ”Free speech is a value I hold in extremely high regard,” squealed the college president on that occasion as he bent over and grabbed his ankles for the Antifa hooligans.

Or will the visit go ahead but end prematurely in hysteria, broken windows, and the roughing-up of female faculty members, as happened when Charles Murray addressed students at Middlebury College the following year?

I await developments with interest. Whatever happens, I can’t say I’m afraid on Jared’s behalf. He keeps himself superbly fit and is perfectly fearless.

This is a seasoned warrior the anti-whites are up against here. I’d call out some encouraging words like, ”Stay the course, Jared! Don’t back down!” But I know Jared will stay the course, and won’t back down. A hero of our time.

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