January 21 Headline: Breaking News: the Bidens Are Crooks, Impeachment Begins Tomorrow?
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That’s Dr. Jill Biden, Defender of Democracy.

By the way, I haven’t been following the Biden Brain Trust enough, but do we have a clue who would be the Strong Man of the Biden Administration?

JFK had RFK, Bush II had Cheney, and FDR had Farley and Hopkins. We knew Reagan would bring Weinberger with him from California. I’ve heard it said that the effectiveness of the Carter Administration was devastated by the forcing out of Carter’s friend Bert Lance on corruption allegations.

One of Trump’s problems is he didn’t really have a Strong Man, although Bill Barr started to fill that role — e.g., in late May when The Establishment was hoping for a Color Revolution in Lafayette Park, Barr made clear to the President that he doesn’t need the Generals to protect the White House, that the federal government has vast numbers of armed men at its disposal, many of whom like Trump.

So who is going to be the Strong Man or Woman of Team Biden?

Dr. Jill?

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