US Women’s Soccer Team 100 Percent White–So Are The “20 Hottest Women’s Soccer Players in The USA”
July 20, 2011, 03:16 PM
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If you read Steve Sailer’s article Monday, Diversity Is Strength!—It’s Also, Paradoxically, All-White US Women’s Soccer, you may have clicked on the link to the roster, which has headshots of the 21 players, 20 of whom are a hundred percent white, and one of whom is 7/8ths white. They all look like healthy young women, and I thought that since, like Alexandra Wallace, they are actually coeds, there might be better pictures of them online.

The Campus Socialite has a feature called 20 Hottest Women’s Soccer Players in The USA (Gallery), in which we see that not only is soccer a sport for healthy young women, but they’re all white. Pictured are twins Kortney and Kelsey Clifton who play for the Jayhawks at the University Of Kansas.