Spot the Contradiction
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On Feb 19, I mentioned the WSJ's pro-immigration, anti-Republican editorial, National ID Party. Also in OpinionJournal, at more or less the same time, was James Taranto's response to a Hillary Clinton proposal to give federal civil servants election day off, and allow felons to vote.

This seems a rather pointless exercise. Surely the Republican Congress is not going to support legislation aimed at winning more votes for Democrats, which would be the effect of these proposals. Declaring a federal holiday would simply mean federal employees, who tend to lean toward the Dems, would be more likely to go to the polls, and felons are generally thought to be far more Democratic than the general public.

He's right, felons and civil servants do vote heavily Democratic, because of the Dems soft-on-crime, and big government policies.

But the WSJ has spent years pushing an Open Borders policy which will see Republicans "Swept Away" by waves of immigrant Democrats.

While Taranto is arguing against allowing Felonious-American community to vote, the Editorial Board is backing amnesty for millions and millions of left-leaning immigrants, who will end up electing not only the democrats, but "a new people."

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